Adam Mańkowski – born in 1985, lives and works in Poland. Photographer, music producer, traveler, journalist. Meticulous observer of newly appearing phenomena in the field of modern art and avant-garde photography. Since 2006, he has continued his solo music activity under the Limited Liability Sounds name. His activity goes into the genre of improvised, experimental and intermedia music. Co-founder of the experimental duo Scindite (2014-2015) and the ambient project Insomnia (2005-2012). In his music production he focuses on the recording in the field, acquiring materials over numerous travels. Both short as well as long trips always make an opportunity for him to work with the camera. Since 2010, he has been presenting and promoting his photography at concerts, exhibitions and festivals in Poland and around the world. He has taken part in the exhibitions and other events held in the US, Japan and Vietnam.  The winner of the artistic scholarship awarded by the Mayor of Lodz City in 2018, within which he performed a multimedia installation dedicated to the activity of the Polish director Grzegorz Królikowski. He has been publishing articles in the literary – cultural quarterly „Elewator” since 2018.

His work is largely focused on portraits, abandoned locations and nature which is a subject to persistent destructive impact of human. He strives to infuse each frame with his personal perception retaling to the processes of passing away, aiming at capturing the core of each topic. While portraying he always preserves the subjectivity of the portrayed person even if their face is not visible. Observing nature he seeks traces of human existence, balancing them with the absolute of nature which constitutes an inexhaustible source of experience and inspiration. When exploring abandoned locations and places he documents what is forgotten with the help of photo images. He is passionate about spaces that were deliberately removed by humans from the foreground of life. A lover of his hometown Lodz culture and history.